Some Thought About Famous SEO Company in Kolkata

It has been studied and found out that digital marketing has been the fastest growing sectors in last 2 years. The most recent study conducted by Mondo which is a renowned platform known for hiring the IT and Digital Marketing Talent suggested that the top most Digital Marketing skill sets companies hired in the year 2016 would be digital/social (54%), content creation (44%), big data/analytics (33%) & mobile strategy (30%). The report also sums up that about 80% of seo company in Kolkata plans to increase their digital marketing budgets over the next one or two years.

SEO Services In India

There have been a total of 320 + job vacancies in Kolkata for Digital marketing itself which was mostly aggregated in the job portal of various companies. This is over 70% of the data which was revealed in 2013. Thus there is a huge amount of increase in the number of Digital Marketing.

If compared to the other states of India, the job market for Kolkata in the field of SEO has been considerably a low one. But with the passage of time, there have been a significant increase in the SEO job market of Kolkata, since there was a huge amount of positive feedback given by new employees of the SEO offices in Kolkata for the roles of Adwords, along with Social Media and other Digital Marketing roles as well. Some of the best SEO Companies in Kolkata have been enlisted below which had a high impact of growth for all the employees.



Kolkata is now becoming a hub for the SEO companies. The seo company in Kolkata is hiring both fresh as well as experienced talents for this particular job profile. Hence the rate of success is totally depending on the talent which stimulates these people for creating new levels in this field.


Author: seodigitalmarketingcompany

We are the leading digital marketing company in India offering comprehensive online marketing solutions to better your ROI. Renowned for offering a bundle of configurable marketing solutions as a seo company in Kolkata, we aim at equipping agencies and marketers to streamline their content development, unify the web data and helping to assimilate. Our services help enterprises to gain a long-lasting competitive edge with the creation of both flexible and smart digital marketing ecosystem. We follow a unique marketing system with the integrated approach by coupling digital printing, graphic designing and the latest technology.

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